ANT381H5S Special Topics in Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology (SSc)

This course is offered in the Winter 2021 term.

Topic Title: Illness, Disability, Gender

Instructor: Zoë H. Wool

Course Description: This course explores how gender and sexuality matter in contexts of illness and disability across a range of institutional, social, and national contexts, from queer perspectives on breast cancer surgery in the US to the politics of masculinity among Turkish veteran amputees.  A particular focus of the course is the way illness and disability expose, disturb, or retrench normative arrangements of gender. In addition to learning key concepts in medical anthropology, disability studies, and gender and queer studies, students will learn new ways of thinking critically about the body as a site of power configured in the social and material fields of heath/illness, dis/ability, race, and gender and sexuality. [24L]

Pre-requisite: ANT204H5 or ANT207H5 or permission of the department.