ANT380H5S Special Topics in Biological Anthropology and Archaeology (SCI)

This course is offered in the Winter 2022 "S" term.

Topic Title: African Diasporic Archaeology

Instructors: Lisa Small and Michael Brand

    African Diasporic Archaeology on decorative backgroundCourse description: This course introduces students to the archaeology of the African diaspora, the study of the dispersal of African peoples to other parts of the world, with a focus on North America and the Caribbean. The objectives of this course are to provide students with:

    1. an understanding of the historical contexts for the African diaspora,
    2. knowledge of the theoretical perspectives used to understand the lives and contributions of displaced African peoples,
    3. the methods employed by archaeologists to identify and analyze archaeological materials related to the life and experiences of African diasporic peoples, and
    4. an understanding of the role and legacies of colonialism in the discipline of archaeology today.

    Topics covered in lectures include:

    • Black Studies,
    • Critical Race Theory,
    • decolonizing archaeology,
    • racialization of the archaeological record,
    • landscape archaeology,
    • spatial analysis of Black settlements,
    • material culture,
    • archaeological heritage, and
    • alternative archaeologies.

    Prerequisites: ANT200H5 and ANT201H5 or (permission of the department).

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