Sara Rangooni (BA 2004)

Sara Rangooni, BA'04President and Founder,

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, it didn't come as a surprise that Sara Rangooni, BA’04, had a desire to run her own business. The University of Toronto Mississauga alumna realized her dream this year, when she launched her high-end fashion webstore, Dalphies.

Business ownership didn’t happen overnight.

Sara’s idea came during a shopping trip. “I was helping a friend prepare for her large, traditional Pakistani wedding," says Sara, "and it was so difficult to find clothes. Many women end up travelling to Pakistan or India to find traditional and trendy South Asian fashions, but this can be a real burden. That’s when I had my ‘a-ha!’ moment.”

After earning her degree at UTM, Sara enrolled at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies - this is where even more magic came alive for Sara. She credits her experience at the School for building on her already valuable degree. “My eCommerce/ eBusiness Management and Digital Marketing Management certificates from the School of Continuing Studies were instrumental in helping me to prepare and launch my business” shares Sara.

After several years of research and hard work, Sara launched her business in April 2015. Dalphies is a unique store offering expertly designed, authentic South Asian clothing perfect for weddings, or anyone looking for unique fashion pieces from leading designers.

Leading up to the launch of her enterprise, Sara has learned so many lessons. "If you want to be your own boss, take one step at a time, set realistic goals, get the numbers to back up your vision, and never stop learning.”

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