UTMAA Board of Directors 2019-2020

The University of Toronto Mississauga Alumni Association operates through a board of 12 directors, one of whom is an ex-officio member.

Each board member is expected to participate at the UTMAA board meetings, to be actively involved in board's working groups or initiatives, and to serve as an ambassador for the University and its alumni, both on and off campus.


  • Ziyaad Vahed (HBA 1999), President
  • Chris Thompson (HBA 2012), Past President
  • Manny Bettencourt (BCom 1995)
  • Dania Ciampini (BCom 2007)
  • Brianna Croft (MMI 2018)
  • Sara da Silva (HBSc 2010, PhD 2016)
  • Demetra Dimokopoulos (HBSc 2006)
  • Imre Gams (HBA 2012)
  • Hana Tariq (BSc 2004)
  • Fatima Ul-Haq (HBSc 2007)
  • Megha Wadhwani (HBA 2010)

One vacant member spot is available to qualified UTM alumni. For a description of the member role, see the UTMAA Constitution.


  • Andrew Stelmacovich, Executive Director of Advancement, University of Toronto Mississauga (represented on the board by his designate, Kristin Lovell, Director of Alumni Relations, University of Toronto Mississauga)

College of Electors 2019-2020

The College of Electors, established by the Governing Council of the University of Toronto in 1971, is a group of members representing the constituents alumni associations of the University of Toronto Alumni Association. Members of the College of Electors are responsible for electing the Chancellor and the alumni governors of the Governing Council.

  • Demetra Dimokopoulos (HBSc 2006)
  • Imre Gams (HBA 2012)
  • Manny Bettencourt (BCom 1995)

Two vacant alumni governor spots are open to UTM alumni.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about getting involved in the UTMAA or College of Electors.

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