Natalie Yeadon (BSc 1990)

Natalie YeadonBusiness and Social Media Strategist, Impetus Healthcare

Natalie Yeadon holds many years of sales and marketing management and branding expertise from her experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Yeadon worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 18 years. The U of T Mississauga grad held a variety of roles in sales, marketing and early brand commercialization management both in Canada and in the US. A veteran in the pharmaceutical industry, Yeadon dedicates herself to work she strongly believes in—improving healthcare by providing an easy-to-use, always accessible, online platform for healthcare professionals and industry leaders to connect, communicate and collaborate.

She has led product launches, include “first in kind” product, FluMist, an intranasal flu vaccine for AstraZeneca, and Herceptin for HER2+ early breast cancer with Genentech.

In 2011, Yeadon co-founded Impetus Healthcare Inc,, a company that designs and builds privately branded online healthcare communities for stakeholder engagement. As managing director, Yeadon strategizes with global healthcare decision makers on how to integrate online community programs into their businesses as an effective new channel of communication. 

Yeadon began her career as a radiation therapist treating cancer patients at Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital where she treated babies with tumors and nueroblastomas. She says that experience plays a big part in how she considers issues in her current work. “Facing life-or-death situations daily made me realize that my day-to-day concerns paled in comparison to big health issues,” she says. “I worry less about the “what if” than the average person, which allows me to make successful, risky strategic decisions for Impetus.” 

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