Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm new to Mississauga. How can I learn more about the city?
The Visiting Mississauga web page will provide you with useful information.

Do you provide airport pick-up service?  
Unfortunately not. You will need to arrange for your own transportation from the airport. You may consider taking Mississauga public transit from the airport to UTM campus and can plan the trip onlineTaxi services from the airport are also available.

How do I know where to go on my first day of the program?
You will receive detailed information about via email before the program begins to let you know what you can expect, where to go for your classes, and and more.

I am eligible for both the Summer ACE and the Fall-Winter ACE programs. Which one should I choose?

This one's easy! If you are able to, we highly recommend that you complete the ACE@UTM program in the Summer before you begin your undergraduate studies at U of T Mississauga. The advantage is that you are able to complete and satisfy the English Language Requirement condition on your offer of admission. It's one less thing to worry about once classes begin in September! 

Students who successfully complete Summer ACE@UTM will be able to enrol in a full-time course load once classes begin. Fall-Winter ACE@UTM students study ACE part-time, and enrol in part-time U of T Mississauga classes.

I do not want to write an English proficiency test (IELTS, TOEFL etc.). Can I apply directly to join the ACE program without submitting an English proficiency test result?

The ACE program is by invitation only. It is offered as a mandatory condition of their admission offer. If the student does not have the ACE program stated as a condition in their offer, they are not eligible for the program.

All applicants who are required to submit an English proficiency test result must do so in order to meet the university’s admission requirements (i.e., IELTS 6.5 overall, no band below 6.0; TOEFL 100 overall, minimum 22 on writing; Click here for more information).

If I pass an English proficiency test before completing the ACE program what should I do?

Please submit your official test results to the University of Toronto to demonstrate that you have passed an English proficiency test that meets the English language requirement. 

Contact the Office of the Registrar after you receive the official results.

I just sent my new English proficiency test score. How long does it take for the university to get it?
It usually takes up to 10 business days.

When my offer of admission says that ACE is a condition, what does this mean?
If the Summer or the Fall-Winter ACE program is stated as a condition in your offer of admission, it means that you need to take this program in order to meet the English language requirement to be considered for admission.

I'm am an international student, do I need a study permit? 
Yes! If you are coming from another country you will need a Post-Secondary study permit. If you were already studying in Canada under a Secondary study permit, you will need to apply for a Post-Secondary study permit before ACE begins, and will need to have the Post-Secondary study permit before the academic year (September) begins. 

More information about study permits is available in the Guide for International Students and through the International Education Centre.

I am not planning to live on campus, what are my other options?
Please check Off-Campus Housing web page for possible off-campus opportunities.

When do I enrol in UTM courses?
First-year students can start enroling in UTM classes on ACORN on July 4, 2019.

When registering for courses, do I need to register for the LEC, TUT, and PRA?
Yes. Students need to register in all sections of the course.


Summer ACE

If I can't take Summer ACE, what are my options? (The program is full or you are concerned about obtaining your study permit on time) 

Please submit a new acceptable English Proficiency Test score to satisfy your English Language Requirement condition as listed on your offer of admission letter. We must receive your new score by July 31, 2019.

I joined the Summer ACE waitlist. What happens now?

If you requested to join the waitlist, and a space becomes available for you, we will email you with an update. In the event that this happens, you must be prepared to make your $1,100 deposit within 24 hours of receiving our email.

What happens if I don’t pass Summer ACE?
If a student participates in the Summer ACE@UTM program and still does not demonstrate the language skills necessary to prepare them for full-time, university-level studies in English, they may be eligible to participate in the part-time Fall-Winter ACE@UTM program.

Students who receive a grade below a ‘B’ will also have the option of taking the IELTS at UTM, which is included in the Summer ACE fees.

Do I need to purchase health insurance?
Students are paying for health insurance as part of their tuition fees for the ACE program; therefore, they don't require external health insurance. Summer ACE@UTM students are covered by GuardMe student policy.

If I provide a new English proficiency test score before the Summer ACE@UTM program ends, can I receive a refund?
Students can receive a refund if they withdraw from the program before July 3, 2019. The $1,100 deposit is non-refundable.

When is the residence move-in day?
Summer ACE students move in on June 28, 2018. Please refer to the Student Housing & Residence website for more details.

Are we required to live in residence for Summer ACE?
No, but it is recommended, as students in residence have a higher success rate.


Fall-Winter ACE

If I can't take Fall-Winter ACE, what are my options?  

Please submit a new acceptable English Proficiency Test score to satisfy your English Language Requirement condition as listed on your offer of admission letter. We must receive your new score by July 31, 2019.

I am not going to be here in the Summer. Can I enrol in the Fall-Winter ACE program?

The Fall-Winter ACE will be offered to eligible students upon admission. To be eligible, they need to achieve the following scores: TOEFL: 89-99 with 19-21 on Writing or IELTS: 6.0 with 5.5 each band.

What happens if I don’t pass the Fall-Winter ACE program?
Students who don't achieve a B in the Academic English Level 60 course will be able to participate in the following Summer ACE program, or will be required to submit a new English proficiency test score by July 31, 2019. Please refer to the Fall-Winter ACE Future Options page.