Summer Academic Skills Institute (SASI)

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What is SASI?

The Summer Academic Skills Institute (SASI) is a comprehensive transition program for first and second year students who self-identify as having a disability at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM).  The free interactive online sessions will provide students with the opportunity to develop academic skills that are essential for success in their upcoming courses, connect students with upper-year Peer Mentors, learn how to navigate campus resources, and more!



***Registration for SASI 2021 is closed.  Thank you for joining us and all the best in the new year!***


SASI Schedule (Mon. Aug. 9 to Wed. Aug. 11, 2021)



Interactive Workshop: Introduction to Undergrad - Part 1

In this workshop, you will learn about the basics of transitioning into your undergraduate degree. Students will learn about how to access and use university resources; tips for studying online; creating structure and finding focus at home; making friends during online schooling; beating procrastination; avoiding "Zoom fatigue"; joining clubs; and more!

Guest Speaker Presentation: Library Resources and Literature Searches

A library staff will introduce you to the main services offered at the UTM library and help you learn how use online databases to search for scholarly articles, how to check whether your sources are peer reviewed, and how to manage your citations.

Interactive Workshop: Introduction to Undergrad - Part 2

In this workshop, students will learn about how to download, read, and get the most of their course syllabi. Students will learn about the importance of their course syllabi; how to email Professors with proper email etiquette; how to find their readings listed on the syllabi; understand course objectives and requirements; the grading structure and scale; what to do if you require an extension for coursework; how to stay organized; SMART goals; and more!

Social Event: Pictionary and Crazy Eights

In this social event, you can choose to play either Pictionary or Crazy Eights in small groups. Instructions will be provided. Get to know your fellow students and Peer Mentors!


Interactive Workshop: Time Management, Study Planning, and Project Management

In this session, you will learn how to use an online calendar to keep track of your classes, appointments, and deadlines; schedule study time, social time and self care; assign each task a priority level and allocate time accordingly; break down large projects into smaller steps, each with their own mock deadlines; hold yourself accountable to reaching your goals; track your focused/productive vs. unfocused/unproductive study sessions; and more!

Guest Speaker Presentation: 'Bouncing Back' and Q&A with an Accessibility Advisor

In this session, you will learn about the importance of resilience in undergraduate studies. You will also have the opportunity to ask an Accessibility Advisor any questions you may have about accommodations and studying at UTM. General questions can be asked in the main group but specific questions of a more personal nature can be asked in a breakout room, where you will briefly meet with an Accessibility Advisor one-on-one.

Interactive Workshop: Effective Reading and Understanding Research Papers

Have you ever finished reading a page and realized that you don't remember what you just read? You'll learn how to use the SQ3R method to prevent this from happening and stay focused on the materials in front of you. In the second part of this workshop, you will learn how to read and understand research papers at the university level. Learning how to read an abstract, how to interpret figures, and how to understand the paper's conclusion will help you with your own academic reading.
Social Event: Gartic Phone and Taboo

In this social event, you can choose to play either Gartic Phone (which is like broken telephone but with drawing) or Taboo in small groups. Instructions will be provided. Get to know your fellow students and Peer Mentors!
Interactive Workshop: Evidence-based Note-Taking and Study Strategies  

In this workshop, you'll learn how to study in ways that work. Students often find that study strategies that worked well for them in high school (such as re-reading, highlighting, re-writing notes) do not achieve the same results in university. This session will highlight some note-taking styles and strategies that you can use for lectures and readings. You'll also learn about evident-based study strategies that have been proven to improve academic performance. Some of these strategies include active studying, spaced repetition, using Quizlet, testing yourself, and practicing application-style questions.
Guest Speaker Presentation: Wellness, Self-Care, and Stress Management

A counsellor from the UTM Health and Counselling Centre will share advice for prioritizing your well-being and managing your stress during your undergraduate studies.
Interactive Workshop: Test-Taking Strategies

To succeed on a test, knowing course content is essential, but knowing how to use effective test-taking strategies is also incredibly important. In this session, you'll learn how to remain calm and confident while writing tests and you'll also learn about the best strategies for answering multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and essay questions.

Social Event: Meet Upper-Year Undergrad Students in your Program or Discipline

Our final SASI event will give you an opportunity to chat with upper-year undergraduate students who are studying in the same program or discipline as you. They'll provide tips on how to succeed in courses that you're about to take. For instance, they can explain how heavy the workload is for a course, they can advise you whether to complete textbook readings before or after the lecture, they can give you tips about getting involved in extracurricular activities in your field (such as research or clubs), and more!

The following programs will be covered:
Anthropology; Biology; Chemistry; Criminology; English & French; Ethics, Law & Society; History; Math, Computer Science & Statistics; Neuroscience; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; and Sociology!

CCR Accreditation

A student who participates in SASI is eligible to receive a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) notation by attending a minimum of 3 Interactive Workshops, 1 Guest Speaker Presentation, and 1 Social Event. However, students are welcome to attend as many events as they would like. For more information about the CCR, please CLICK HERE.

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