Accessibility Peer Mentor Program

Group of students sitting on a park bench and talking to each other

What is the Peer Mentor Program?
The Peer Mentor Program connects students registered with Accessibility Services with successful upper-year students with whom they are likely to identify with based on their academic background and/or hobbies and interests. By providing social support and guidance, mentors help mentees with their transition to the university's academic and social environment.  Mentees meet individually with mentors once a week and participate in various activities throughout the academic year.

How long is the program?
The program runs from September 2018 through April 2019.

I would like to meet with a Peer Mentor - How do I join?
To request a mentor, please schedule an intake appointment with an Accessibility Advisor. To arrange an appointment, please call 905-569-4699, email, or drop by the office (room 2037 Davis Building).

If you are already registered with Accessibility, please complete the Mentee Registration Form
Please submit your completed form to your Accessibility Advisor or drop it off in room DV2037 to the Coordinator of Volunteer Services.

Do I need to provide medical documentation?
Yes - students must provide a recent medical certificate or psycho-educational assessment completed by a medical professional to register with Accessibility Services. Please provide your medical documentation to your Accessibility Advisor.

The Accessibility medical certificate can be found online 

I want to volunteer as a Peer Mentor - How do I join?
Thank you for your interest! Please contact the Coordinator of Volunteer Services for more information.  Please call 905-828-5422 or email