PICNIC Production Photos

By Jim Smagata


Helen Potts gives odd jobs to a handsome drifter (Madeleine Brown and Roberto Esteves)

Next door, the paper boy tangles with the Owens sisters (L to R - Olivia Orton, Eilish Waller, Jaime Lujan)

Flo Owens sews daughter Madge a new party dress (Laura McCallum, left, and Eilish Waller)

The drifter turns out to be the fraternity brother of Madge’s boyfriend (Tomas Ketchum, bottom, and Roberto Esteves)

Rosemary and the other high school teachers are off to an event the day before school starts (L to R: Hannah Ehman, Angelica Appelman, Madeleine Brown, and Kate Cattell-Daniels)

Little sister Millie asks Madge “How do you talk to boys?” (Eilish Waller, left, and Olivia Orton)

Rosemary get talked into taking a drink before the picnic (L to R: Olivia Orton, Hannah Ehman, Roberto Esteves, Zachary Zulauf).

Madge Owens and the drifter dance together (foreground: Eilish Waller and Roberto Esteves; background: Zachary Zulauf and Hannah Ehman

 Rosemary attacks the drifter (L to R: Zachary Zulauf, Laura McCallum, Hannah Ehman, Roberto Esteves)

Later that night, Rosemary pleads for Howard to marry her (Hannah Ehman and Zachary Zulauf)

Meanwhile, Madge Owens is falling in love with the drifter (Roberto Esteves and Eilish Waller)

Madge and the drifter (Roberto Esteves and Eilish Waller)

The next morning, shell-shocked Howard loads the car as the others give Rosemary a send-off (Zachary Zulauf with, L to R, Kate Cattell-Daniels, Olivia Orton, Hannah Ehman, Madeleine Brown)

The drifter has the inevitable showdown with Madge’s boyfriend (Roberto Esteves on top of Tomas Ketchum;

Background L to R: Eilish Waller, Olivia Orton, Madeleine Brown, Angelica Appelman, Kate Cattell-Daniels, Laura McCallum)