Theatre Erindale presents:

The Massey Murder

Production Photos by Jim Smagata

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picture 1

A dramatic moment from Theatre Erindale’s THE MASSEY MURDER (Foreground L to R: Stuart Hefford, Chelsea Riesz, Larissa Crawley, Emma Robson, Kyra Weichert)

picture 2

The murder moment (from L, Tatiana Haas, Stuart Hefford, Cameron Grant)

picture 3

Prisoners portray ladies’ tea parties (foreground from L, Rachelle Goebel, Dominique Corsino, Sarah Kern,
Kira Meyers-Guiden)

picture 4
The “Funeral Flocks” sequence from THE MASSER MURDER (Visible faces L to R: Tatiana Haas, Kyra Weichert, Colette Fitzgerald, Cameron Grant, Isaac Giles, Rachelle Goebel)

picture 5

Toronto households enjoy the flow of news about the Massey murder (L to R: Emma Robson, Nathenaiel Voll, Sarah Kern, Marryl Smith, Nathaniel Kinghan, Chelsea Riesz)

picture 6

Prison Matrons (from L, Colette Fitzgerald, Dominique Corsino)

picture 7
The Company becomes a newspaper printing press in full swing.

picture 8
The “improper advances” that led to the murder are depicted in dance (from L: Kyra Weichert, Isaac Giles,

Emma Robson)
picture 9
Cross-examining the murderess (L to R: Cameron Grant, Emma Robson, Stuart Hefford)

Women prisoners depict the deliberations of the all-male Jury (The Company)


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