The Capulets and the Montagues

Production Photos

by Jim Smagata

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Picture 1

The Capulet Ball L to R: Eilish Waller, Brittany Miranda, Olivia Orton, Emily Thorne (understudy for Paige Falardeau) in foreground, Tomas Ketchum, Hannah Ehman, Aaron Schaefer on balcony.

Picture 2

Romeo discovers that Juliet is flirting with him while appearing to flirt with Octavio (L to R: Samuel Turner, Hannah Ehman, Jovan Kocic; background Brittany Miranda and Jaime Luhan)

Picture 3

The ‘Three Amigos’ – Benvolio, Romeo, Marin (L to R Courtney Keir, Samuel Turner, Jaime Luhan)

picture 4

Chaos erupts from inside the church – a pillow fight (L to R foreground: Kate Cattell-Daniels, Olivia Orton, Emily Thorne (as understudy for Paige Falardeau))

picture 5

Octavio, left (Jovan Kocic) faces off with Romeo (Samuel Turner) outside the church.

picture 6

Romeo confesses to the Principessa that he killed Octavio (Eilish Waller and Samuel Turner; L to R background Anthony Raymond Yu, Jaime Luhan, Hannah Vanden Boomen, Kate Cattell-Daniels)

picture 7

Romeo saying farewell to Juliet from the garden wall (Samuel Turner and Hannah Ehman)

picture 8

County Paris arrives to defend Romeo and Marin from attacking Capulets (L to R: Tomas Ketchum, Roberto Esteves, Jaime Luhan, Samuel Turner)

picture 9

The farming family who work the Capulet estate: Father (Laura McCallum, left), daughter (Zachary Zulauf) and son (Angelica Appelman)

picture 10

Though disguised as peasants, the three amigos are captured on the Capulet estate(L to R foreground: Aaron Schaefer, Tomas Ketchum, Samuel Turner, Courtney Keir, Jaime Luhan)

picture 11

Juliet appears to her father as a ghost (Hannah Ehman and Aaron Schaefer)