"The Witlings" Production Photos

by Jim Smagata.
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Witlings 1
Mrs. Voluble discovers a wedding dress at Wheedle’s Millinery Shop (L-R: April Leung, Hannah Vanden Boomen, Kate Cattell-Daniels, Madeleine Brown, Kaitlyn Alexander)
Witlings 2
Mrs. Wheedle approaches Mrs. Voluble and Mrs. Sapient with a cloak to sell (L-R: Kaitlyn Alexander, Hannah Vanden Boomen, Hannah Ehman, April Leung)
Witlings 3
Bridegroom Beaufort has dragged his friend Censor to the shop to meet his fiancée (Samuel Turner (left), Christian Tribuzio and milliners)
Witlings 4
Cecilia learns from Jack that her guardian has gone bankrupt (L-R: Mark Snetzko, Mercedes Morris, Samuel Turner, Jovan Kocic, Bailey Green)
Witlings 5
Beaufort comforts fiancée Cecilia (Samuel Turner and Mercedes Morris)
Witlings 6
Poet Dabler is outraged by an interruption from a housemaid (Tomas Ketchum and April Leung)
Witlings 7
Mrs. Voluble and Miss Jenny feast on Dabler’s latest wrting in his absence (L-R: Kaitlyn Alexander and
Madeleine Brown)
Witlings 8
Censor’s attempt to help Cecilia is interrupted by Mrs. Voluble (L-R: Mercedes Morris, Kaitlyn Alexander, Christian Tribuzio)
Witlings 9

Lady Smatter’s library, the Witlings applaud their idol, Dabler (L-R: Tomas Ketchum, Bailey Green, Mark Snetzko, Hannah Ehman)

But the Witlings don’t always agree! (L-R: Bailey Green, Tomas Ketchum, Mark Snetzko, Hannah Ehman)
Witlings 10
Censor is admitted to the meeting of the Witlings (L-R: Bailey Green, Christian Tribuzio, Kate Cattell-Daniels, Mark Snetzko, Tomas Ketchum, Hannah Ehman)
Witlings 11
Censor challenges Dabler to improvise a poem (L-R: Christian Tribuzio, Bailey Green, Tomas Ketchum, Mark Snetzko, Jovan Kocic)
Witlings 12
The penniless Cecilia believes that Beaufort has deserted  her (Mercedes Morris with – L-R – Hannah Vanden Boomen, Madeleine Brown, Aaron Schaefer, April Leung, Kaitlyn Alexander)

Witlings 13
Bobby upsets the dinner table (L-R: Madeleine Brown, Hannah Vanden Boomen, April Leung, Aaron Schaefer, Kaitlyn Alexander)

Witlings 14

Mrs. Sapient hides in Mrs. Voluble’s closet (L-R: Madeleine Brown, Kaitlyn Alexander, Hannah Ehman)

Witlings 15
Lady Smatter (Bailey Green) gets her comeuppance in the end.


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