A Stitch In Time

Production Photos by Jim Smagata


The Butler refuses to let Mme Moulineaux enter her husband’s bedroom (Brian Postalian, left, and Alex Spyropoulos)

Dr. Moulineaux and Butler try to eject an unwelcome guest (L to R: Victor Pokinko, Wes Payne, Brian Postalian)



Dr. Moulineaux and his new flame looking forward to a rendezvous (Claire Sherwood and Victor Pokinko)

Etienne and Aubin in mutual tongue examination (Brian Postalian, left, and Mark Palinski)

Dr. Moulineaux has mother-in-law trouble! (Victor Pokinko and Megan O’Kelly)

Old flame Rosa de Montelimar and her pet dog (Natasha Ramondino)

Surprises at a dressmaker’s apartment that was meant to be a love-nest (Natasha Ramondino and Victor Pokinko)

Strange things happen in the dressmaker’s apartment (Wes Payne, top, and Mark Palinski)

Two is company, but four? (L to R: Claire Sherwood, Victor Pokinko, Mark Palinski, Natasha Ramondino)

A surprise for Monsieur Aubin (Mark Palinski)

Boys will be boys! (L to R: Mark Palinski, Victor Pokinko, Wes Payne)

But chickens come home to roost! (L to R: Mark Palinski, Brian Postalian, Victor Pokinko, Wes Payne)


Marriage counselling mother-in-law style! (L to R: Victor Polinko, Megan O’Kelly, Alex Spyropoulos)

Monsieur and Madame Aubin (Mark Palinski and Claire Sherwood)

Rediscovering the secret ingredient? (Victor Pokinko and Alex Spyropoulos)