Rebel Daughter

Production Photos by Jim Smagata




Wedding dance for Doris’ prairie ancestors (L to R foreground: Brittany Miranda, Samuel Turner, Paige Falardeau, Jovan Kocic, with Madeleine Brown playing the euphonium)


Doris’ family life in Calgary wasn’t always easy (L to R: Jaime Hernandez Lujan, Madeleine Brown, Ari Nusbaum, Zachary Zulauf, Hannah Vanden Boomen)



Partying before the Declaration of War (L to R foreground: Paige Falardeau, Jovan Kocic, Anthony Yu, Kate Cattell-Daniels)


Listening to the Declaration of War (L to R: Samuel Turner, Jaime Hernandez Lujan, Tomas Ketchum, Eilish Waller, Angelica Appelman, Brittany Miranda, Roberto Esteves)


Christmas concert in a one-room schoolhouse (Courtney Keir as the snowman, Kate Cattell-Daniels as Mary with the baby, Anthony Yu as Joseph, Madeleine Brown with the Star)


Doris does the university tango (Roberto Estevez and Mercedes Morris)


Doris and friend (Olivia Orton and Madeleine Brown, background) are shocked by what’s going on in a Paris nightclub (foreground L to R: Brittany Miranda, Courtney Keir, Eilish Waller, Jaime Hernandez Lujan, Roberto Estevez)


Doris meets the male bosses at Chatelaine (L to R: Hannah Ehman, Laura McCallum, Zachary Zulauf, Ari Nusbaum, Jaime Hernandez Lujan)


Sampling the wares of the test kitchen at Chatelaine (L to R: Courtney Keir, Hannah Ehman, Paige Falardeau, Laura McCallum


Doris and colleagues discover they’ve just hung up on Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau! (Hannah Ehman, Maria Torriano, Madeleine Brown)



Doris and colleagues celebrate the insertion of gender equality into the Charter of Rights (L to R: Hannah Ehman, Maria Torriano, Madeleine Brown)


Finale (Company – the key has been laid at the foot of the real Doris).