The Crucible

Production Photos by Jim Smagata

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Spied on by the supposedly bewitched Betty (April Leung), Abigail (Megan O’Kelly) attempts to reawaken the lust of John Proctor (Christian Tribuzio).


Rebecca Nurse (Bailey Green) comes to comfort the “bewitched” child (April Leung).


Rev. John Hale (Adrian Beattie) brings slave-woman Tituba (Chiamaka G. Ugwu) “back to God” before curiosity-seeking townspeople. (With, L to R, Megan O’Kelly, April Leung, Wes Payne, Evan Williams, Natasha Ramondino, Nicholas Potter).


Rev. Parris (Nicholas Potter) tries to pry the truth from his niece Abigail (Megan O’Kelly).


Mary Warren (Eliza Martin) escapes a beating from John Proctor (Christian Tribuzio) by announcing she saved the life of his wife Elizabeth (Kaitlyn Alexander)


Ezekiel Cheever (Brian Postalian) discovers an incriminating needle in a poppet (with, L to R, Gevvy Sidhu, Wes Payne, Mark Snetzko, Christian Tribuzio, Adrian Beattie).


Hysterical girls thwart the plan of John Proctor (Christian Tribuzio, L) to stop the witch hunt through the testimony of Mary Warren (Eliza Martin, R).


Mary Warren (Eliza Martin, L) is attacked by the girls (L to R: Cornelia Audrey, Natasha Ramondino, Megan O’Kelly, April Leung, Alex Spyropoulos, Claire Sherwood) as the Court looks on in horror.



Resisting arrest, Proctor (Christian Tribuzio) tries to attack Judge Hathorne and Governor Danforth (Mark Palinski and Victor Pokinko). (At left are Nicholas Potter and Gevvy Sidhu).

Jailer Marshall Herrick listens to dreams of demonic rescue from Sarah Good and Tituba (L to R: Gevvy Sidhu, Alex Spyropoulos, Chiamaka G. Ugwu).


In the jail, Proctor and Elizabeth (Christian Tribuzio and Kaitlyn Alexander), spied on by Judge Hathorne (Mark Palinski), are given a few moments together at the eleventh hour.



Proctor hesitates before signing his confession (L to R: Victor Pokinko, Brian Postalian, Christian Tribuzio, Adrian Beattie, Kaitlyn Alexander, Bailey Green, Gevvy Sidhu, Mark Palinski, Nicholas Potter).