Production photos by Jim Smagata

The Wierd Sisters (L to R: Alex Spyropoulos, Chiamaka Ugwu, Hannah Jack)

A wounded sergeant desctibes the bravery of Macbeth to King Duncan. (L to R: Adrian Beattie, Jonathan Walls,  Nicholas Potter, Paul Falkowski)

Banquo and Macbeth encounter three Wierd Sisters (L to R: Christian Tribuzio Alex Spryropoulos, Chiamaka Ugwu, Hannah Jack, Owen Fawcett)

Lady Macbetth reads of the unseen witches’ prophecies (Hailey Gillis with L to R Hannah Jack, Chiamaka Ugwu, Alex Spyropoulos)

Lady Macbeth invokes the powers of evil (L to R: Hannah Jack, Hailey Gillis, Alex Spryropoulos, in front of Chiamaka Ugwu)

After killing King Duncan, the Macbeths begin to realize what they have done (Hailey Gillis and Owen Fawcett)

Macbeth tries to stab the ghost of the murdered Banquo (L to R: Owen Fawcett, Christian Tribuzio and company)

Ross tries to reassure Macduff’s wife and son (L to R: Eliza Martin, Mark Palinski, Sarah Robbins)

Macbeth’s second visit to Hecate and the Weird Sisters involves him in rituals and visions (Owen Fawcett with -- L to R --  Alex Spyropoulos, Claire Sherwood, Hannah Jack, Chiamaka Ugwu)

Lady Macbeth is observed sleepwalking (L to R: Sarah Robbins, Nicholas Potter, Haliley Gillis)

The forces of opposition gather (Sarah Robbins and company)

The final encounter between Macbeth and Macduff (Owen Fawcett and Jonathan Walls)