A Midsummer Night's Dream

production photos by Jim Smagata
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Hippolyta signs her factory over to Theseus as the workers look on. The photographer is Puck in disguise. (Foreground L to R: Wes Payne, Zenia Czobit, Evan Williams)
Mrs. Quince tries to get the factory-workers to pay attention to her play (L to R: April Leung, Megan O-Kelly, Mark Snetzko, Fraser Woodside, Brian Postalian, Kaitlyn Alexander)
Bottom takes over  Mrs. Quince’s rehearsal (L to R: Mark Snetzko, Brian Postalian, Fraser Woodside, Megan O’Kelly, April Leung, Kaitlyn Alexander)
The workers react to the ass’s head given Bottom by Puck’s magic (L to R: Megan O’Kelly, Kaitlyn Alexander, Fraser Woodside, Mark Snetzko, Brian Postalian)

Fairy Queen Titania is bewitched into a passion for the transformed Bottom (Elizabeth Stuart-Morris and Fraser Woodside with – L to R – Julia Taylor, Bailey Green, Cornelia Hordijk, Natasha Ramondino)

Forbidden lovers Hermia and Lysander decide to flee to the woods (Lindsey Middleton and Josh Wiles)
Demetrius tries to get rid of Helena with the invisible Fairy King Oberon as coat-tree (L to R: Marcus Haccius, Victor Pokinko, Ali Richardson)
Puck has made mincemeat of the lovers’ relationships – to the fairies’ delight (foreground L to R: Lindsey Middleton, Victor Pokinko, Josh Wiles, Ali Richardson)
Puck watches the reconciliation of King Oberon and Queen Titania (L to R: Marcus, Haccius, Lizzie Stuart-Morris, Wes Payne)
Theseus and Hippolyta join the lovers in a triple wedding as Puck supervises (L to R: Ali Richardson, Victor Pokinko, Evan Williams, Wes Payne, Zenia Czobit, Lindsey Middleton, Josh Wiles
The couples share a joke about the ‘Lion’s’ performance (L to R: Victor Pokinko, Ali Richardson, April Leung, Zenia Czobit, Evan Williams, Josh Wiles, Lindsey Middleton, Julia Taylor)
The factory-worker performers join their bosses in the wedding dance (Company)


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