photos by Jim Smagata

The Society President and Drama Festival Adjudicator raffle off a pot of jam (Megan Janssen and Andrew Di Rosa)

The Witches and Drama Society President talk their Stage Manager into replacing Lady Macbeth (from L: Alyssandria Messina, Megan Janssen, Michael Esposito II, Karyn Mcgibbon)

“Is this a dagger I see before me?” (Cassondra Padfield as Macbeth)

“I have done the deed!” (Cassondra Padfield and Michael Esposito II as the Macbeths)

Banquo (Carolyn Nettleton, left) is attacked by Murderers sent by Macbeth (Tavia Pereira and Karyn Mcgibbon -- blind as a bat without her glasses! – at right)

Banquo’s Ghost (Carolyn Nettleton) interrupts the banquet of the Macbeths (Michael Esposito II and Cassondra Padfield)

“Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble”: the Director (Ben Hayward) assists wheelchaired Witch Alyssandria Messina, with Witches Tavia Pereira and Karyn Mcgibbon

The Witches (from L: Alyssandia Messina, Karyn Mcgibbon, Tavia Pereira) and Director (Ben Hayward) give their musical number the big finish!

A worried Macbeth consults the Witches and their visions (from L: Cassondra Padfield, Tavia Pereira, Karyn Mcgibbon with friend)

Macbeth’s Murderers attack Lady Macduff and her son (from L: Megan Janssen, Karyn Mcgibbon, Carolyn Nettleton, Tavia Pereira)

Lady Macbeth (Michael Esposito II), observed by the Doctor and Gentlewoman (Megan Janssen and Tava Pereira), has a little trouble with his/her sleepwalking scene.

Interrupted just as Birnam Wood is coming to Dunsinane …! (from L: Tavia Pereira, Megan Janssen, Ben Hayward, Alyssandria Messina, Carolyn Nettleton)

It seems Macbeth is not happy with her ‘wife’s’ performance! (from L: Michael Esposito II, Ben Hayward, Cassondra Padfield)

Macbeth meets his/her inevitable end (Alyssandra Messina as Macduff in wheelchair and Cassondra Padfield)

(Andrew Di Rosa)