Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning, Juliet)

Production Photos

Mousy academic Constance Ledbelly (Olivia Lloyd) prepares a lecture on her Shakespearean research in her office at Queen’s

Constance (Olivia Lloyd) goes over her research, dreaming Iago and Othello to life (L to R - Adam Cresswell and Jack Morton)

Desdemona (Michelle Nash) barely keeps Constance from killing Iago (Olivia Lloyd, Adam Cresswell).

Constance cowers as Desdemona clobbers Juliet – now in Romeo’s clothes – with a pillow (L to R - Olivia Lloyd, Michelle Nash, Brenna Stewart)

Romeo and Juliet – already tired of each other – the morning after (Brenna Stewart and Adam Cresswell)

The unfortunate demise of Romeo and Juliet’s pet turtle (Brenna Stewart and Adam Cresswell).

Juliet whines to her nurse (Brenna Stewart – right – and Jack Morton)

Tybalt, Romeo, and Mercutio have it out (L to R - Jack Morton, Adam Cresswell, Michelle Nash).

Romeo, Mercutio and Tybalt are still at it (L to R - Adam Cresswell, Michelle Nash, Jack Morton) as Constance (Olivia Lloyd) looks on

The Capulets’ Masquerade Ball looks a little bit different in Constance’s dreamworld (L to R - Adam Cresswell, Michelle Nash, Jack Morton, Brenna Stewart).