Witches and Bitches

Production Photos

“When shall we three meet again?” from Theatre Erindale’s WITCHES & BITCHES




The seven witches begin the spell for the demon Shaitan (Julian Munds)

As Shaitan (Julian Munds) watches, the seven witches take to the air

Vittoria talks Duke Brachiano into adultery and murder (Nora Williams and Kathryn Alexandre)


Shaitan in the shape of a black dog sucks the blood of Mother Sawyer (Julian Munds and Tiffany Feler)

Lady Macbeth scolds her husband for saving the daggers that killed the king (Stacey Arseneau and Kathryn Alexandre)

Tamora resists Lavinia’s pleas for mercy (Tasha Potter and Hallie Seline)

Tamora, Empress of Rome, in the adulterous embraces of Aaron the Moor (Hallie Seline and Julian Munds)

Lady Livia (right) entertains her victims (L to R Tiffany Feler, Hallie Seline, Tasha Potter, Stacey Gawrylash)

Moll Cutpurse teaches her would-be seducer a lesson (Julian Munds and Nora Williams)