The Winter's Tale

Production photos by Jim Smagata

The Court of Sicilia: Leontes begins to suspect his queen of adultery
(Philip Stonhouse and Hannah Drew, watched by Paolo Santalucia and company)

The troubled Leontes and his young son
(Paolo Santalucia, Alison Blair)

Leontes threatens the life of his newborn daughter
(Paolo Santalucia, Kristen Zaza, Jake Maric)


The trial of Queen Hermione
(Paolo Santalucia, Hannah Drew and company)

Leontes grieving the death of wife and son with Paulina
(Kristen Zaza, Paolo Santalucia)

In Bohemia, a young Shepherd encounters the rogue Autolycus
(Jake Maric, Andrew Soutter)

Bohemian shepherds celebrate the betrothal of Florizel and Perdita (lower left) as pedlar Autolycus (centre) entertains.

Bohemian shepherds Dance (low res)

(low res)

(low res)