A Child of Survivors

Production Photos by James W. Smagata

Child Bernice (Brittany Kay) explains her extended family to the audience


Adult Bernice receives an heirloom ring from her mother while the memory of her father looks on (L to R: Heather Dennis, Emily Johnston, Adam Cresswell)


The poker players (L to R: Julio Ospina, Brandon Gillespie, Chris White, Eitan Shalmon)


Mother and daughter shop in Kensington Market (Brittany Kay, Jessica Allen & company)

Bernice's grandmother, mother, and aunt (Amanda Piron, Emily Johnston, Michelle Nash) exhibit their tattoos, backed by the community

The CHILD OF SURVIVORS company in one of their musical numbers

Bernice – played by the three actors at lower right – often feels she is engaged in an uphill battle to find her own identity

Grandfather and grandmother (Chris White and Amanda Piron) interrupt the children playing "Cowboys and Space Aliens"

Teenaged and adult Bernice (in the distance) remember her father's stories of the figures in the glass cabinet (Jake Maric and company)

The 1970s Bar Mitzvah




Bernice and her parents – who are sometimes in conflict – are each played by three actors (foreground L to R: Heather Dennis, Tanya Filipopoulos, Brittany Kay)