Jane Eyre

Production Photos by James W. Smagata

Rochester hosts a society house-party at Thornfield (Tasha Potter, Paolo Santalucia, Matthew Gin with the company).

Rochester plays for his intended (Tasha Potter, Paolo Santalucia)

Rivers invites Jane to learn Hindustani for his mission to India (Stacey Arseneau, Laura Jabalee, Hallie Seline, Andrew Soutter).

Rochester's ward does a happy dance when he first returns to Thornfield (CLOCKWISE FROM L: Paolo Santalucia, Stacey Arseneau, Sheelagh Daly

Young Jane is subdued by the Reeds' maids (Kathryn Alexandre, Tiffany Feler, Stacey Gawrylash).

"Give me back my fifty pounds" (Paolo Santalucia, Stacey Arseneau).

A mysterious visitor meets with an accident in the tower (Phil Stonhouse, Paolo Santalucia, Stacey Arseneau).

Mrs. Fairfax and the others dress Jane for her wedding (Kristen Zaza, Stacey Gawrylash, Stacey Arseneau, Sheelagh Daly).

Jane (Stacey Arseneau, above) remembers her first day at Lowood Charity School (FROM LEFT: Tiffany Feler as Young Jane, Hallie Seline, Megan Barron, Laura Jabalee, Sheelagh Daly, Kelsey Jenkins being scolded by Alison Hunt)

Punishments at Lowood School (Chrissi Chau, Tiffany Feler, Tasha Potter, Megan Barron, Julian Munds)