The Spot/ String of Pearls

Production Photos

In The Spot, the madcap commercial production team for a political candidate traps an innocent homemaker (Tasha Potter, Kelsey Jenkins, Matthew Gin).

Tiffany Feler, Julian Munds, Kelsey Jenkins, Chrissi Chau in The Spot.

The cast of The Spot.

String of Pearls begins for Beth with a bit of sexual competition (Sheelagh Daley, Kelsey Jenkins, Sara Mitich, and company).

The gift of mother to daughter starts the pearls on their 35-year journey (Sheelagh Daley, Tasha Potter).

Stacey Gawrylash as a femme fatale executive – backed by other cast-members – in String of Pearls.

Hallie Seline (pointing) and other housewives flirt with a policeman on the shores of Lake Michigan in String of Pearls.

Stacey Arseneau and Tiffany Feler as a homemaker-architect and her daughter in String of Pearls.

A teenager tempts a ballet mistress with Valium on a plane to Paris in String of Pearls (Brittany Adams, Victoria Halper).

Hotel maid Josianne argues with her Aunt Patty in String of Pearls (Chrissi Chau, Matthew Gin)..

An older Beth smokes up for the first time in String of Pearls (Sheelagh Daley, Kristen Zaza).

wedding that brings the story full circle in String of Pearls (Sheelagh Daley, Meghan Barron, and company).