The Clandestine Marriage

Production Photos

Sterling and his sister want to marry his daughters into the nobility (Keegan O’Connor, Kathryn Alexandre, Rachelle Magil, Sophia Fabiilli).

But Fanny and Lovewell have been secretly married for months (Mark Johnston, Sophia Fabiilli).

Fanny’s secret won’t be a secret much longer (Sophia Fabiilli, Nora Williams)!


Older sister Betsy boasts of her jewels and her noble fiancé (Sophia Fabiilli, Jenny Rockman, Kathryn Alexandre).


Lord Ogleby arrives with his aide for his nephew’s engagement (Kevin Owen, Paolo Santalucia)


Lord Ogleby’s palsy drops (Paolo Santalucia, Kevin Owen, Michael Twyman).

Ogleby’s nephew – Betsy’s fiancé – teases Lovewell about his secret affair (Andrew Soutter, Mark Johnston).

Ogleby’s valet hooks up with a chambermaid (Laura Jabalee, Michael Twyman).

: Sterling and lawyers finalize the marriage contract (Cameron Laurie, Jack Morton, Keegan O’Connor, Philip Stonhouse).



But Betsy’s fiancé falls for Fanny instead (Sophia Fabiilli, Andrew Soutter).


Betsy throws a tantrum (Kevin Owen, Kathryn Alexandre, Keegan O’Connor).

Sterling gets it from his sister (Keegan O’Connor, Rachelle Magil).

Then Lord Ogleby falls for Fanny too! (Sophia Fabiilli, Kevin Owen).