Production Photos

photos by James W. Smagata

Orestes, envoy of the Greeks, arrives in Epirus to demand surrender of the last prince of Troy and discovers his old friend Pylades (Adam Cresswell, Jacob Maric, Andrew Tribe, Ramon Vitug)


Orestes’ real goal is his childhood sweetheart Hermione, now betrothed to the King of Epirus (Andrew Tribe, Sydney Dunitz, Juel Hughes).

But the King is obsessed with his captive Andromache, widow of the Trojan prince Hector (Kelsey Goldberg, Melanie Hrymak, Darren Turner, Philippe Jullian).

The King of Epirus woos Hector’s widow Andromache – unsuccessfully (Melanie Hrymak, Darren Turner).

The King debates a course of action with his mentor and bodyguard (Philippe Jullian, Darren Turner).

The captive Trojan prince is condemned to death unless Andromache yields (Kelsey Goldberg, Melanie Hrymak, Philippe Jullian, Brittany Kay, Darren Turner).

Andromache debates whether to marry her mortal enemy to save her son (Melanie Hrymak, Kelsey Goldberg).

(SPOILER ALERT) Andromache will wed the King to save her boy (Melanie Hrymak, Kelsey Goldberg).

(SPOILER ALERT) But resolves to kill herself immediately after (Kelsey Goldberg, Melanie Hrymak).

(SPOILER ALERT) The King submits to a tongue-lashing from betrayed fiancée Hermione (Juel Hughes, Darren Turner).

(SPOILER ALERT) Hermione demands that her old lover kill the King (Juel Hughes, Sydney Dunitz, Andrew Tribe).


Orestes succumbs to a bout of the madness that pursues him (Adam Cresswell, Jacob Maric, Darren Turner, Juel Hughes, Andrew Tribe, Ramon Vitug)

(SPOILER ALERT) Andromache survives to rule the kingdom (Kelsey Goldberg, Brittany Kay, Melanie Hrymak, Philippe Jullian).