Photo Gallery

008: The ruling Kastoria family spies growing signs of resistance in the village (Kevin Owen, Philippe Jullian, Sophia Fabiilli, Michael Twyman, Mark Johnston). 028: Teresa is the first of the widows to claim the body from the Captain (Darren Turner and Victoria Halper) 141: The Matriarch Sofia is accused of endangering the village (seated Rachelle Magil with Sophia Fabiilli and ensemble).
048: The claims cause conflict between the Captain and Lieutenant (Darren Turner and Kevin Owen).

055: Army Orderly Emmanuel romances Cecilia on the riverbank (Mark Johnston and Melanie Hrymak).

074: Sofia and her granddaughter tease her grandson – the only male left in the village (Rachelle Magil, Juel Hughes, Ramon Vitug).

109: Alexandra confronts mother-in-law Sofia as the crisis grows (Rachelle Magil, Kelsey Goldberg, Sophia Fabiilli).


115: The army takes a dangerous interest in the body (centre top to bottom: Kevin Owen and Philippe Jullian, Juel Hughes, Adam Cresswell).

125: One night the women pull a rotting male body from the river.


130: A village full of women wash clothes by a bend in the river.

160: Fidelia has a terrible dream – or is it a dream? (Juel Hughes and ensemble).
178: Sofia is forced to bargain for the safety of her grandson (Mark Johnston, Darren Turner, Rachelle Magil, Ramon Vitug).