Don't Drink The Water


The show begins with a candlelight vigil by Walkerton townspeople a year after the crisis .

The townspeople return to the time when they were trapped in the water crisis .

Brothers Stan & Frank Koebel (Matt Gin and Paolo Santalucia) of the Walkerton PUC argue over misplaced files.
A Walkerton teacher (Laura Jabalee) tries to explain the inexplicable to her students .

The funeral scene for those who were lost .

While Frank has Stan "over a barrel" -- the water tank -- three translators find they have bleached their hands (Paolo Santalucia, Matt Gin, Meghan Barron, Kelsey Jenkins, Hallie Seline).

The show kicks into high gear in Act II with the start of the "circus" - the Walkerton Inquiry (Julian Munds).

The townspeople are trapped again - into the media circus all around them.

A sympathetic medical authority (Andrew Soutter) is hung out to dry .

Media star dominates Walkerton schoolchild (Kathryn Alexandre over Chrissi Chau).

The assembled "Carnies": politicians, media stars, and government officials.

When the circus is all over, there's a final memorial vigil - in which Frank and Stan Koebel join.