The Taming of the Shrew

Photo Gallery

 In 1910, the Actresses’ Franchise League gathers to campaign for the vote.

Members discover Christopher Sly – a drunk ripe for rehabilitation – and decide to make him play Kate (Clare Blackwood, Victoria Halper, Ryan Fisher)

Gremio watches Biondello tease the Widow (Melanie Hrymak, Juel Hughes, Paolo Santalucia)

: At the final double wedding celebration, Kate teaches the Widow a lesson (Lisa Justine Hood, Ryan Fisher, Paolo Santalucia and company)

Lucentio woos Bianca under Hortensio’s nose (Samara Stern, Sydney Dunitz, Kevin Owen)

Bianca tortured by her sister Kate (Kevin Owen, Ryan Fisher)

 Petruchio woos Kate (Lisa Justine Hood and Ryan Fisher).

Hortensio explains to Tranio and Baptista how he came to be wearing a smashed lute (Samara Stern, Megan Poole, Jessica Séguin)

Newlywed Kate is forced to take horse with the mad Petruchio (Lisa Justine Hood, Jenny Rockman, Ryan Fisher)

Petruchio terrorizes his servants and his new bride (Ryan Fisher, Lisa Justine Hood, and company)