Murderous Women

Production Photos

The play boasts a stylized opening inspired by film noir.

Company members Rachelle Magil, Kevin Owen, Darren Turner, and Jenny Rockman open the show.

Keegan O’Connor hosts a “Jeopardy” contest on the topic of “murderous women”.

The case of Clara Ford in Victorian Toronto: Juel Hughes with Michael Twyman, Keegan ‘Connor, Kevin Owen.

Company members Kelsey Goldberg, My Anh Tran and Clare Blackwood gossip about the case.


The case of Marguerite and Egyptian Prince Ali Fahmy Bey at the Savoy in 1923: Melanie Hrymak and Ramon Vitug.


Showgirl Betty Jones chose the wrong route to stardom in wartime London: Sydney Dunitz with My Anh Tran (L) and Rachelle Magil (R).

English child murderer Myra Hindley (Sophia Fabiilli) seduces The Accomplice (Mark Johnston).

The five Murderous Women gloat over the body of The Victim (Ramon Vitug): Jocelyn Perry, Sophia Fabiilli, Juel Hughes, Sydney Dunitz, and Melanie Hrymak.


New York in 1980 – Scarsdale murderess Jean Harris (Jocelyn Perry) briefs The Defence (Kevin Owen)