Bonjour, Là, Bonjour

Photo Album

Serge and Nicole (Bryn Dewar and Kate Conway)

Lucienne disapproves of Serge's relationship with Nicole (Danielle Ayow, Bryn Dewar, Kate Conway)


Their father, Armande, explains himself to the audience (Andy Ingram and Laura MacDonald)

Serge tries to escape Denise's tickling (Bryn Dewar and Jess Phelan)

Aunts Charlotte and Gilberte face off (Bridget Mantha and Jenn Sartor)

Monique worries about her pills (Bryn Dewar and Laura MacDonald)

Serge returns from Europe to face his family (Bryn Dewar and company)

Serge and his four older sisters (Kate Conway, Danielle Ayow, Bryn Dewar, Laura MacDonald, Jess Phelan)


Lucienne and Serge face off (Laura MacDonald, Danielle Ayow, Jess Phelan, Bryn Dewar)


Serge is greeted by his two elderly aunts (Bridget Mantha, Bryn Dewar, Jenn Sartor)