Elmer Rice's

A New Life

Production Photos

directed by Scot Denton

Nursing students discover the identity of their celebrity patient: Jess Szymko, Jess Phelan.

Guests admire a new baby in the nursery: Jenn Sartor, Jess Szymko, Tamara Zdravkovic.

The labour pains get worse: Laura MacDonald, Devon Healey, Megan Poole.

A young couple ready for discharge with their infant: Jessica S├ęguin, Paolo Santalucia, Kate Conway, Danielle Ayow.

Bob's old flame turns out to be a Nurse's Aide: Bridget Mantha, Nathan Bitton, Laura MacDonald, Megan Poole.

Edie does not see eye to eye with her husband's millionaire parents: Laura Macdonald, Andy Ingram, Lisa Justine.

Happy new parents Bob and Edie: Laura Macdonald and Nathan Bitton.

Millionaire industrialist, stage doorman, and merchant mariner: Andy Ingram, Ryan Fisher, Ray Cameron.

Long lost air force husband Bob meets his father-in-law for the first time: Nathan Bitton and Ryan Fisher.

Bob is just in time to meet Edie on her way from the delivery room: Laura MacDonald, Bryn Dewar, Nathan Bitton at centre surrounded by cast.

Widowed radio singer Edith Charles arrives at the hospital in labour with her two best friends: Ray Cameron, Laura MacDonald, Devon Healey.

Bob and his parents stand off: Andy Ingram, Devon Healey, Lisa Justine, Nathan Bitton, Danielle Ayow.

The play is set in the busy maternity ward of a New York hospital in wartime.