Trojan Women & Lysistrata

Photo Album

0387 – LYSISTRATA: The urgency of a diplomatic resolution is made clear by the obvious problem of the men.

0358 – LYSISTRATA: The long sex strike leaves Myrrhine and Cinesias desperate (Jennifer Hoffman and Qasim Khan)

0338 – LYSISTRATA: Lysistrata tries to persuade the Magistrate to sign a peace treaty (Shannon Shura and Andrew J. Ingram)

0329 – LYSISTRATA: All young men being at war, Geezers face off against Old Ladies over access to the Athenian Treasury (Oren Williamson, Ray Cameron, Nathaniel Bacon, Laura MacDonald, Bridget Mantha, Jenn Sartor)

0279 – LYSISTRATA: Lysistrata (Shannon Shura) rallies an international group of women to start an anti-war sex strike.

0253 – TROJAN WOMEN: Queen Hecuba (Marisa Ship) and her women say a final farewell to their city.

0242 – TROJAN WOMEN: Talthybius comes for the infant prince (Brittany Wright, Oren Williamson, and Marisa Ship)

0236 – TROJAN WOMEN: Hecuba admires her grandson (Marisa Ship, Brittany Wright, with Devon Healey and Sandra Klincov)

0219 – TROJAN WOMEN: Soldiers come to take mad prophetess Cassandra from her mother (Oren Williamson, Ray Cameron, Laura MacDonald, Marisa Ship)

0208 – TROJAN WOMEN:  A soldier waits to transport Hecuba and her women into slavery (Qasim Khan, Marisa Ship and company).

0203 – TROJAN WOMEN:  Queen Hecuba (Marisa Ship) faces Helen (Jennifer Hoffman) surrounded by the Trojan Women company.

0298 – LYSISTRATA: Athenian Chorus Leaders Devon Healey and Danielle Ayow introduce Lysistrata.