Pillars Of Society

Photo Album

Shipbuilder Karsten Bernick (Mark Koelsch) outlines plans for a railway to Nathan Bitton, Conor Walton, Ryan Fisher, Megan Poole, Andrew Tribe, Philippe Jullian.

After fifteen years in America, Lona Hessel (Tamara Chandon) returns to upset the apple cart for Bernick (Mark Koelsch, R).

Schoolmaster Rorland (Ryan Fisher) is obsessed with Bernick’s ward Dina (Tamara Zdravkovic).

Returned from America, Johan (Dan Bowers) courts Bernick’s ward Dina (Tamara Zdravkovic).

Karsten Bernick (Mark Koelsch) refuses to allow his foreman (Richard Chan) time for proper repairs to the American ship.

Opening Scene: Schoolmaster Rorland (Ryan Fisher) reads to village women as they sew for charity (L-R Jessica Szymko, Jessie Séguin, Megan Poole, Kate Conway, Lisa Hood).

Johan (Dan Bowers) discovers that Bernick’s sister Martha (Lisa Hood) has been pining for him for fifteen years.

Olaf Bernick (Vivian Cheung) plays with Uncle Hilmar (Conor Walton) as Schoolmaster Rorland (Ryan Fisher) looks on.

Lona and Karsten (Tamara Chandon and Mark Koelsch) quarrel over the past.

The turning point: Mark Koelsch and Tamara Chandon as Karsten and Lona.

Lona (Tamara Chandon) reflects as the town arrives to celebrate its hero.

Finale: Mark Koelsch and Tamara Chandon with the cast of Theatre Erindale’s Pillars of Society.