Erindale Studio Theatre

This innocuous looking block building plays host to professional quality theatrical performances and houses some of the most recent technological advances in lighting and audio systems. It is the Erindale Studio Theatre.

The building was formerly a bus garage and science lab. In 1993 it was gutted and renovated to become an intimate black box style theatre with a total interior space of 12.19M X 12.19M (40 X 39.5 feet), with a lighting grid 14 feet off the deck. The space can be configured as desired, and can seat up to 90 audience members in a variety of configurations: thrust, proscenium, alley, in the round, and corner/corner stage & audience setups. Every design assures excellent sightlines and perfect vocal clarity. The farthest seat from the acting area can be no more than 20 feet or so!.

As the home base for Theatre Erindale, the theatre has seen all styles of performance, from light comedy to powerful modern contemporary drama. As a rental space it has provided a home for children's theatre, comedy, mystery, musicals, dance recitals, solo vocal/piano classical concerts,fashion shows, poetry readings and meeting space.

Fully equipped dressing rooms
green room
Green Room

Standard Theatre Seating

Fully equipped Control Booth

View from the booth

Lobby area

Box Office

Friendly front of house staff greet audience members

The theatre is fully wheelchair accessible. An equipment list can be obtained here or by calling the admin office at (905) 569-4739.

The theatre is available to on- and off-campus user groups at very affordable prices from April through Thanksgiving and occasionally during the school year.
A rental rate schedule can be obtained by calling the Manager, Theatre Operationsr at (905) 569-4739.

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