About Us

Who We Are:

The Academic Integrity Unit in Office of the Dean handles all academic offence cases at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM). In regards to academic integrity, the primary roles of the office are to: 

  • Educate faculty, staff, and students on issues related to academic integrity through workshops and seminars;
  • Act as a resource to provide more information about the process involved in academic offence cases; and
  • Handle allegations of academic misconduct in relation to the Code of Behavior on Academic Matters.

On this website, you will find useful resources and information related to academic integrity and its importance at UTM. We encourage all students and instructors who are visiting our website to explore the ways in which we can collectively create a positive learning environment that emphasizes the value of academic integrity to all members of our community.

Our Role:

The Office of the Dean is responsible for ensuring that all academic case files brought forward by Department Chairs are appropriately complete. Once all the necessary documents are gathered, the Dean's Designate or Vice-Dean/Dean reviews each academic case and determines the appropriate resolution.

You may wish to contact Lucy Gaspini or Lisa Devereaux for advice, information, or counselling on academic integrity matters.


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**Information populated in this website has been retrieved and/or influenced by websites affiliated with the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. We would like to acknowledge the valuable contributions of the Office of Student Academic Integrity, Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto- Academic Integrity, Ryerson University's Academic Integrity websites, and UTM's Undergraduate Advisors**