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Undergraduate Courses

BIO311F: Landscape Ecology

Landscape ecology asks how spatial patterns originate and how they affect ecological processes like forest dynamics, nutrient cycling, species interactions, and the distribution and population dynamics of plants and animals. Lectures and computer labs introduce students to concepts and methods of landscape ecology and their application to current issues of land-use management and global change. The students will learn to apply GIS, landscape metrics, and modeling to address problems in conservation, biodiversity, and ecosystem management. (syllabus)

BIO360S: Biometrics I

This course takes students from hypothesis testing to the application of testing means, chi-square tests, regression analysis and analysis of variance in Biology. Students will learn to choose an appropriate statistical test, independently analyze case studies with R software, and write empirical scientific reports. (syllabus)

Chapter Review Videos (STA215 / BIO360):
For textbook: De Veaux et al., Stats - Data and Models, 2nd Canadian ed.

Part 1: Review of STA215 chapters

Part 2: Summary of BIO360 chapters
  • Chapter 18: More about tests
  • Chapter 20: Inferences about means
  • Chapter 21: Comparing means
  • Chapter 22: Paired samples and blocks
  • Chapter 29: Non-parametric tests
  • Chapter 9: Randomness and simulation
  • Chapter 23: Comparing counts
  • Chapter 11: Experimental design
  • Chapter 24: Regression inference
  • Chapter 25: One-way ANOVA
  • Chapter 26: Two-way ANOVA

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Graduate Course

EEB 1441S: Special Topics in Evolution: Landscape Genetics (spring 201

This graduate course in Landscape Genetics is being offered concurrently at 6 universities in North America and Europe. Students have the option to collaborate in project groups across institutions. At University of Toronto, the course is offered as EEB1441. (Course description)

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