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People in the Wagner Lab

  Name Room Link
Professor Helene Wagner 3048 DV Email
Graduate Students Luis Arias 2032 DV Web page

Felipe Torres
2032 DV Web page
Postdoctoral Fellows Ronan Marrec
 2032 DV Email

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Former Graduate Students and Postdocs

Name Year Thesis or project type Link
Mariana Chavez-Pesqueira 2016
Postdoc: Using landscape genomics to disentangle the effects of cultural landscape change on selection and pollen- and seed-mediated gene flow in Pulsatilla vulgaris. CONACYT postdoctoral fellow (co-supervised by Rob Ness).
Web page
Adam S. Hadley 2016
Postdoc: Using behavioral ecology to reveal mechanisms in landscape genetics. NSERC postdoctoral fellow. Web page
Michelle DiLeo 2016
PhD: Conserving Connectivity: Ecological Determinants of Gene Flow in Plants at the Landscape Scale Web page
Shekhar Biswas 2012 PhD: Ecological processes in a spatially and temporally heterogeneous landscape: a study on invasive Alliaria petiolata Web page
Yessica Rico 2012 PhD: Effects of Rotational Shepherding on Plant Dispersal and Gene Flow in Fragmented Calcareous Grasslands Web page
Barbara Schlup 2009 PhD at WSL Swiss Federal Research Institute: Assessing the connectivity of calcareous grassland plant communities.  
Jacqueline Diacon-Bolli 2009 PhD at WSL Swiss Federal Research Institute: A multiscale assessment of plant dispersal: How functional traits and landscape characteristics interact.
Majid Iravani 2009 PhD at WSL Swiss Federal Research Institute: The role of red deer in soil seed bank and vegetation dynamics of subalpine grasslands.  

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