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Welcome to the web site of Dr. Robert Reisz's vertebrate palaeontology research group at the Mississauga campus of the University of Toronto.

Robert Reisz

Ongoing research include work focusing on the fauna and depositional environment of the Dolese Quarry, Paleozoic cotylosaurs, including early reptiles and synapsids. Ongoing research also focuses on prosauropod dinosaurs, and on the early theropod Coelophysis.



Johannes Muller, Joerg Froebisch, Nadia Froebisch, Hillary Maddin, Sean Modesto, Chris Sidor, Bill May on Paleozoic tetrapods.
Hans-Dieter Sues, Timothy Huang, Corwin Sullivan, DarBin Shieh, Eric Roberts on Early Jurassic sauropodomorph dinosaurs from South African and China.
Dave Mazierski on neural spine elongation in early synapsids, and ontogeny of Petrolacosaurus.



Graduate Students
Jessica Hawthorn re-evaluates Ophiacodon as Kirstin Brink takes on Dimetrodon for a one-two eupelycosaurian grudge match, while Nicolas Campione and Caleb Brown head downtown to the ROM to work on every child's favorite extinct animals, dinosaurs. Aaron LeBlanc enjoys cutting up the teeth of amniotes, and Mark MacDougall has a soft spot for petite Permian parareptiles from the Dolese quarry.