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French studies will take you to exotic places, allow you to make new connections, and will provide numerous opportunities to use your skills in varied professional settings with strong social dimensions. You will find the challenges and rewards of becoming one with a vibrant culture. You will experience the excitement of being enriched by an understanding of the ways and attitudes of other peoples. French will take on meaning to you because it is a key to a highly diverse group of countries and cultures known as "La Francophonie”. From the Southern Pacific region to Latin America, in Africa, the Caribbean islands and south western Europe, French speakers make up a large linguistic group which we, as members of an emerging global community need to know. In Canada, French is, with English, one the country’s two official languages; Québec, Acadia, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the most important areas where French is spoken.

French Studies will not only equip you to deal in general with the richness of a multicultural world, but it will also provide you with the tools and the understanding required to communicate with more than 400 million people who are different from us -and yet just like us. The French programmes at UTM aim to move language study beyond the mechanics of knowing about Canada’s other language and its European roots, to an affirmation of the value of human interaction. French plays a vital role in our interactive global universe.

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