A Lesson Learned In Mexico

"Iím calling the police!" Those words, spoken by one of the hotel security guards, resonated through my head. Just what did five girls spring breaking in Mazatlan do that justified having the police called on them? We were tried to bring a friend, who happened to be a male, back to our room with us. Apparently, we were unaware of the hotelís policy that guests can not be admitted after 10 p.m. When we showed up at the gate of the hotel at 3 a.m. the guard stated, in broken english, that we could come in but our guest could not. This did not go over well, especially with my friends Jessica and Alice.

Alice, who is speaks almost fluent spanish, tried to explain to the guards that it was okay; he was a good friend of ours, and that it was okay for him to come in with us. The guard told her that no, it was not okay. She argued that it was, and gave our friend Chad the go ahead to come in. Not wanting to have a problem, the guard said "No, please. He can not come in. Iím sorry, but no." Alice again attempted to explain that it was okay, and again the guard replied that it wasnít. At this point, the usually very passive Alice became quite assertive.

"Why canít he come in?" she demanded. "This is absolutely ridiculous. We pay you a lot of our money to stay here, and you tell us that we canít have guests. No. Heís coming in with us."

"Come on you guys, letís not cause a huge scene. Donít worry about it." I was trying to get everyone to calm down, but my attempts were futile. Alice was infuriated! Someone on the hotel staff had broken into our room earlier that week and took $400.00 US dollars from her, so she was already very angry with the hotel, and was not about to let them mess with her again.

"Do you want me to call my lawyer? Iíve already talked to him about what happened earlier this week, and the hotel is in a lot of trouble already, but I can talk to him again." With that, Alice went into the hotel in search of the manager.

This was getting way too out of hand for me. I had never seen this rule posted anywhere, and none of us had signed any sort of contract saying we knew the rules of the hotel and that we agreed to abide by them. I approached the guard to ask him if these rules were posted anywhere. "Excuse me senor. Is there a contract that we signed saying that we were informed of these rules?"

"No! I can not talk with you. I am busy, and you are too rude!" he yelled at me. I was taken aback by his response. Up to this point I had been quite respectful, and polite. I was angry now.

"Excuse me. I was not being rude. I have been trying to help you guys, and get my friends here to calm down."

"I am sorry miss," the guard said, as he reached out to touch my arm. I quickly backed away. I had been unwantingly touched by Mexican men all week.

"Donít touch me." I told him. "First you yell at me and tell me Iím rude, when all I was trying to do was help you, and now youíre touching me? No!"

Alice returned from her search for the manager, who had already gone home, and again approached the guard. "Heís coming in with us!" she told him sternly.

"No, he is not!" the guard replied.

"Yes he is!" Alice grabbed Chadís arm, and pulled him through the gate.

"Do you want me to call the police? Iím calling the police." I stood there stunned, but Alice was ready to fight this.

"Fine! Call them." She challenged. I had to intervene before things got bad.

"No. Wait. Donít do that. Itís okay." I tried to be the voice of reason. "You guys Iíve heard stories about the Mexican police. You really donít want to get involved with them. Itís just not a good situation. Letís just not worry about this. Itís not a big deal, and I donít want to get into trouble. We can just go over to his hotel. Whatever you want to do, but I donít want to fight with them anymore. I really donít want to deal with the police...please. Iíll pay for the cab ride; just let me go up and get some more money out of the room first."

I ran up to the room, grabbed some money to get a cab, and came back to the entrance to find none of my friends were there. One of the other members of the hotel staff approached me.


"Yeah, thatís me." I responded. "Do you know where my friends went?" Oscar proceeded to inform me that my friends Alice, Jessica, and Chad had gone down to the beach to try to sneak Chad into the hotel, when they were confronted by other security guards, and another argument ensued. By the time I reached them Alice was in a yelling match with the hotel security manager. "What are you guys doing? I canít believe you tried to sneak him in back here. I donít want to get in trouble. They already told us he canít come in. Fighting with them isnít going to make them decide itís okay. Weíll just go to his hotel, itís okay." I reprimanded them like a disappointed parent.

We ended up going back to our own hotel, and Chad to his. Thankfully, the night ended without the police involved, and nobody ended up in a Mexican prison. While Alice and Jessica maintained their grudge against the security guard, Orlando, I became buddies with him. I know he was only doing his job, and would have let us bring guests in if it werenít against hotel policy. Every night for the rest of the week, when we came home Orlando was there to let us in, ask how our night was, or even get us a cab if we needed one. We definitely learned a lesson though. Do not try to bring guests in to the Pueblo Bonito Resort after hours unless you want to deal with the police.