Do Chic Jeans Really Make You Chic?


 "Mirror, mirror, on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?" What should merely be a part of a well-favored fairy tale has become the anthem for many women in a societal environment where physical loveliness and youth are highly prized. What makes someone beautiful? Beauty can, and should, mean different things to different people. Yet, the American culture has defined beauty for society. Television, movies, and magazines all portray the ideal woman as tall, slender, youthful, and expressionless. However, Chic Jeans wants to change that stereotype, by offering sizes and styles for a diverse group of women, and empower women to be proud of whom they are both inside and out. Their advertisement claims that by wearing their "chic" jeans, you will be content with all aspects of who you are. The women portrayed in the advertisement challenge the audience to believe that individuality and diversity, through the identities engaged, the personas created, and the personal happiness each model displays, is what makes people beautiful, just the way they are.

One aspect of the "ideal woman" is that of youthfulness; the Chic Jeans advertisement is composed of different generations, in order to persuade readers that no matter if you are old or young, you are beautiful. The ages displayed in this advertisement range from about twenty to eighty. This aspect is presented to the audience to assure them that they are not limited by their age. The elder women represent the fact that years ago, beauty was viewed much differently than it is today. The younger women signify how society presently sees beauty. There is no such thing as being "too old" or "too young."

Just as the ages of the women represent how different generations view beauty, the cultural diversity of the models in this advertisement also suggest that society’s view of beauty has changed. Five of the women are Caucasian, two are black, and one is Asian. Decades ago, minority races were not represented in entertainment. Therefore, this aspect of diversity symbolizes that race is no longer a factor that determines the attractiveness of a person. America has a multi-racial identity.

Just as age and race are two aspects of identity that are not limiting factors of beauty, body shape does not determine a person’s attractiveness. Body shape is a very inclusive category. The concept of body shape includes "short," "tall," "big," "small," "thin," and "fat." People cannot be "too" much of any of these things; they are just "beautiful." The models in this advertisement are an illustration of this aspect of variety. The Chic Jeans company also claims to be very aware of this diversity by making jeans for "sizes 4 through 24…tall, average, and petite" (Grande 3). The company persuades the viewer to buy their product, because no matter what shape the buyers are, Chic Jeans has a pair for them.

The advertisement not only relies on the persuasion of physical identity to sell their jeans; Chic Jeans also persuades their viewers through the personas of innocence and uninhibited. They play on the fact that some people are "shy," while others are "bold." The company also sways their audience to believe that they can become whomever they want by wearing Chic Jeans. The eldest woman in the advertisement has her hands in a prayer position. This leads the readers to believe that she is innocent. Her clothes are also very conservative, a long-sleeve, button up shirt. A bun in her hair is another indication that she is a very traditional woman. However, one of the other women in the picture is portrayed as uninhibited. Her arms are all over the place, her hair is unrestrained, and she occupies a lot of space. Her clothing also reveals this free-spirited, "bold," nature. She is wearing a tank top and rolled up jeans, to exhibit a more contemporary look. Behind each of these women, no matter their personality, is Chic Jeans.

Contrary to the diversity presented in this advertisement, the models all have something in common, they are all happy with whom they are, "beautiful." Each woman is smiling, either subtly or loudly, depending on the persona they are creating for the audience. The fact that they are all very close together in the picture, touching one another, represents this common feeling they have. Within all of their diversity, they have a solid ground to rely on, "I’m not too this, I’m not too that, I’m beautiful." They are content with who they are; they wear Chic Jeans.

The identities, personas, and happiness represented in the Chic Jeans advertisement empower women to love who they are. The Chic Jeans company appeals to their audience because they have styles for every type of woman. The advertisement challenges women to identify current standards of beauty and redefine them as limiting, unrealistic, and self-defeating. Chic Jeans wants each reader to realize they can be anyone they want to be, "shy" or "bold." There is nothing holding them back, because they are "beautiful."


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