"I smell sex and Candie’s here"

Advertisements are used to pursuade people that a certain product is ideal by portraying situations and characteristics that are desirable to the public. For example, by personae of youthfulness and power, an advertisement can tell a person to buy an expensive car over a more economical one. By assuming that every viewer shares the same values and similar identities, an ad can create a persona that appeals to the audience and in turn, persuade them to buy the product. In a Candie’s ad, the viewer is encouraged to purchase the product because of the focus on the people and the assumption that all the viewers are comfortable and open about their sexuality; this creates the Daring Girl/Guy persona that entices the consumer to obtain the product.

Candie’s Perfume uses gender as a method to persuade the audience, both male and female, that one can be daring and sexy with this product. Men are told through the ad that Candie’s will help them become more appealing to women. Women are told that they will be more desirable and empowered with Candie’s perfume. In the ad, the focus is on the two people because Candie’s is trying to say that a person can feel daring in this perfume, even if he or she is not usually a daring person. The positioning of the man and the woman in the ad are inhibited and flamboyant, which gives reason to believe that the two people are daring and that Candie’s is a reflection of that. The focus on gender in this advertisement is to implant this image in the viewers’ head; so when they see the product in the stores, the image will come to mind and they will be more inclined to buy this product. The main focus on the two people, are their chests. For her, it is her cleavage, and on the man, it’s his pecs. Both of these body areas are appealing to men and women, and because the perfume is placed so closely to the woman’s chest, the viewer can’t overlook the product. The amount of skin is related to how Candie’s wearers would be perceived: out going, sexy, exiting people. The fact that the ad’s main focus is the two people tells the viewer that this could add some spice to their monotonous day. The image of wearing the same perfume as the people in the advertisement will bring a smile to the viewer’s face, and will come up again in their mind when they see it in the store.

This ad makes the assumption that everyone is comfortable with being sexy and being open about his or her sexuality. In the ad, the woman is leaning over, showing off her chest in a seductive fashion; the man is standing behind her, shirtless, showing off his toned body. The models in the ad are confidently flaunting their good looks. They aren’t afraid to be bold and daring. Candie’s wants to be seen as a provocative and empowering fragrance, one that makes its wearer feel dangerous and beautiful. The company wants to be seen as sexy and fun. This is portrayed through the intimate touching and closeness between the two people. A Candie’s woman is strong and daring; in the ad the woman is showing a large amount of skin and is running her fingers through his hair because she is comfortable with being saucy and sexy. The Candie’s man is seductive and bold; the man in the picture is shirtless and telling the viewer that he is not afraid to be provocative. Candie’s gives the illusion that Candie’s is sexy and sexy is daring.

The Candie’s slogan, "Anywhere You Dare," is talking about the daring persona that the fragrance gives off, but is also a metaphor for the assumption made by the company. Candie’s wants people to believe that if you are moving with the pace of the times, you will want a fragrance that represents the openness one feels towards the subject of sex. You can place the fragrance "anywhere you dare", anywhere that makes you feel dangerous and adventurous. Society is more accepting of live-in relationships, premarital sex, and one night stands. Candie’s wants to be the fragrance that helps the viewer feel bold enough to engage in situations that were once thought of as horrible. The persona tells the viewer that sexiness can be accomplished with this product and that sex is attractive. Candie’s is feeding of the normal person’s reservations about these acts. By wearing a racy perfume, a regular person can feel exciting and passionate. The company is hoping that this feeling of desire and excitement is going to persuade the buyer to purchase the perfume.

The assumptions made about the viewer’s sexuality and the focus on the people in the ad create a persona of the Daring Guy/Girl. The slogan of the company challenges the viewer to be exciting and sexy just for the joy of feeling that way. The feelings left behind by these points are what motivate the consumer to obtain the product. The daring thought of being bad and adventurous makes the consumer buy the fragrance in hopes of becoming what it represents. If only things were that easy…