Chika Obioma

Chika Obioma
Undergraduate Student
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Biology and Psychology

I discovered how supportive UTM is. It’s an environment where people actually care about me.

Chika Obioma

When Chika Obioma took a trip from Nigeria to visit her sister, who was living in Canada, “it was very homey and felt right,” so she decided to attend university here. As a boarding school graduate, Obioma was accustomed to being away from home, so coming to UTM didn’t faze her.

“I talk to my parents over Skype and they don’t seem that far away, especially because I can see their faces,” she said.

With her fall 2017 graduation in sight, Obioma has decided to pursue a career in human resources and has begun taking continuing studies courses toward that goal.

“It turns out that I don’t really enjoy doing research, but I really enjoy interacting with people, so I decided that I would do something involving people,” she said.

It’s an insight that she has gained from her job as a residence services assistant on campus, a position she began last summer. Obioma serves as a resource to students who have questions or need assistance, and also gives campus tours to students and their families.

“It was a proud moment when I saw students I’d assisted moving into residence,” she said. “I felt as if I had done something good.”

During her UTM years, Obioma has been involved with her fellow students through numerous intramural sports and at the African Students’ Union, where she served on the executive. She has been a member of the Healthy Campus Crew, promoting healthy lifestyles. And she also earned her Safe Talk certificate, training her to assist in suicide prevention.

“UTM has taught me not to limit my friendships to people from similar backgrounds,” she said. “The campus is so diverse, I have friends from everywhere.”