UTM Student Organizations Table Booking

Table Booking Policy

Table booking requests within academic buildings is a benefit offered to UofT/UTM (Ulife) recognized groups, staff and faculty of the University of Toronto; this benefit is facilitated through the Centre for Student Engagement on behalf of the University. Annually, student groups must complete training in order to gain access to the table booking system. Table booking requests must be completed online through the table booking system and submitted at least five (5) days in advance. 

  • On campus tables are to be used for promoting organization related, non-commercial events and activities. 
  • Table booking may be requested in Kaneff, Deerfield Hall, CCT Link, or Instructional Building lobby.
  • One (1) table and two (2) chairs are provided between 10:00am to 3:00pm unless requested otherwise.
  • To maximize opportunities for different groups table bookings are limited to a maximum of one (1) booking per day, five (5) per week, fifteen (15) per month.
  • If there is a unique circumstance that requires tabling in more than one (1) location in a day, more than one (1) table, or tabling outside of 10:00am to 3:00pm please contact studentorganizations.utm@utoronto.ca.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail if your booking has been approved. If you do not receive a confirmation email prior to your requested table booking, please contact studentorganizations.utm@utoronto.ca. Without a confirmation email, table bookings are not officially approved.


  • The table must not be left unattended during your booking time(s);
  • No amplified sound is allowed, regardless of volume, including speakers, megaphones, bullhorns, and audio/visual sound;
  • No selling or distribution of products from external vendors, (i.e. food, books, credit cards/banking, etc.);
  • Vending or distribution of food and drinks, including baked goods, is not allowed;
  • No displays, materials, or activities can interfere with pedestrian passage or the normal activities of the University;
  • Users are responsible for removing all materials from their table at the conclusion of their booking;
  • Users may not move tables from their designated areas of set up;
  • If a student organization or department chooses to invite or collaborate with a third party not associated with the university to table on their behalf, a member from the student organization or department must be present at all times the table is booked. The student organization or department is responsible for the third party and if the third party violates any of the tabling conditions, the student organization or department will receive a warning and authorization for promotional tables may be withdrawn;
  • Failure to utilize your booking penalizes other groups who could have used these limited spaces. If you need to cancel your booking, notify the Centre for Student Engagement at 905-828-3962 or studentorganizations.utm@utoronto.ca as soon as possible;
  • The table permit confirmation email must be readily available at the table.  You will receive this confirmation email once your booking has been finalized. You can not table without confirmation of a booking.

Table use should not vary from that stipulated on this form. Violation of any of these conditions may result in authorization for promotional tables being immediately withdrawn. A verbal warning will be issued after the first violation (unless the condition violated is failure to utilize a booking. An email will be sent). A written warning will be issued after the second violation. After a third violation an organization’s table booking privileges will be revoked for a ten (10) business day period of time. Further violations will result in revocation of table booking privileges for an extended period (e.g. remainder of semester, remainder of academic year, etc.)

Table Booking Training

At least one member of your UofT/UTM Ulife recognized group is required to complete training before you will be able to book tables for the 2017-2018 academic year.

There are two options available for training: 

Online Training

The primary or secondary contact for the Ulife recognized group must watch a short training video to become familiar with the table booking policy. The video will lead to a request form that must be submitted to gain access to table bookings. Please allow 5 business days to process the request. Click below to watch the video: 

picture of video

In-Person Training 

If the student organization is unable to do the online training, they may request an in-person training. The primary or secondary contact on Ulife should fill out the form below. Please note, the in-person training will take approximately 30 minutes and the meeting will be scheduled dependent on availability.

Only fill out this form if you are unable to complete the online training. 

Please provide three availabilities to meet to receive the training.
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