March's Student of the Month: Sabrina Smai

Sabrina Smai
Friday, April 28, 2017 - 9:18am

Sabrina Smai is a serial tech entrepreneur and multi-hyphenate that has started over 8 technology ventures, one of which Placed 1st at Princeton University’s Annual Hackathon. She is specializing in Digital Enterprise Management at the University of Toronto and Certified by Sheridan College for Digital Communication & Computer Development.

Sabrina takes pride in her unique University of Toronto ethics approved research study on the relationship between genders and their media preferences. This research has never been measured before, making Sabrina’s original research first of its kind and available for researchers to expand upon. In addition, Sabrina has been featured on the Varsity Newspaper for her great achievements in the tech community and in Microsoft. This month Sabrina gives back by being a volunteer Ambassador for UofT Students in the Lime Connect Disability Network as well as aiding hundreds of first year student’s transition to university as a part of the Office of Student Transitions.


What motivates you?


Philanthropy is what drives me. I have a theory for those who commit acts of altruism: To make the world a better place, wake up every morning driven to take on new challenges. With this in mind, I have a history of empowering others to generate ideas and technologies in order to reach new heights. I utilize technology as a tool to help impact hundreds of peoples through my startup ventures, such as E-Terview and tt. Knowing that my startup ventures have impacted so many people is definitely what drives me.


Here are Sabrina's Top 5 Pieces of Advice to Students:


Have a growth mindset

As a student, this mindset acknowledges that abilities can grow through hard work and efforts. At any field of study at UofT, it is certain that you will have some level of failures at some point. But at each pitfall, you must learn how to overcome them and grow. My favorite quote from a movie: “Why do we fall, Bruce? So, we can learn how to pick ourselves back up” - Batman Begins.

Segment your work in 30-minute time slot

Ensuring that you have at least a 5-minute break in between each slot will allow you to reflect on your progress and refocus. I find that I am more productive and a better student by setting small, timely goals.

Get involved

This can be done by volunteering, part-time job, or even joining a sports team. Not only will you enjoy your day better, but you will have no choice but to be productive in your day in order to make extra-curricular work alongside school.

Asking great questions

This is a great way to encourage curiosity and learning. Better yet, asking good questions makes you sound smarter…

Eating healthy and staying active

This is particularly important, as many students neglect the importance of health, especially during exam time. Staying hydrated, active and eating healthy are all integral parts to ensure a healthy and successful experience at UofT.