February - Neel Mistry

photo of neel mistry
Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 3:57pm

Neel Mistry is our Student of the Month for February. He is a second-year undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Biology for Health Sciences and Chemistry. While working with refugees and newcomer families over the summer, Neel noticed the social barriers concerning minority groups in Canada. He was inspired to do something about this and ensure equity for people of all backgrounds. As part of this year’s Black History Month, Neel collaborated with members from St. George to plan the MCAT Student Support Program. This initiative aims to provide free preparation to students from minority cultures and underprivileged backgrounds in order to increase the diversity of students in the medical program.

As an advocate for equity and diversity, Neel accepts any opportunity that comes his way. He is currently a research assistant at the UTM Career Centre, where he oversees data entry to enhance student services on campus. Outside of UTM, Neel spends his time training volunteers in the emergency department at his local hospital. He credits his success to both hard work and the continuous support of his family. In the future, Neel hopes to combine his leadership abilities with his passion for healthcare in order to increase awareness about the social barriers affecting marginalized individuals in our community.

1. Learn from your mistakes, work harder

No matter how good you might be, there is always room for improvement. Ask questions and learn how you can get better. Success doesn’t happen overnight. But with patience and hard work, anything is possible.

2. Be proactive, not reactive

Success is often associated with action. In the words of Conrad Hilton, “successful people make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. A failed attempt is better than no attempt; at least you learn something out of it.

3. Respect others’ differences

Just because things are going well for you does not mean you should overlook others’ worries. Be humble and lend a hand. Remember, the same situation could just as well happen to you.

4. Seize the moment

If things are going great, make the most out of it. You will probably need it for the times ahead. If things are not going well, do not panic. Difficulties in life only make the rewards even sweeter

5. Take risks, embrace challenges

Be receptive to challenges. Welcome any opportunity that comes along your way. You may not realize it now, but when you connect the dots in the end, everything happens for a reason.