Community Leadership Cohort

The Community Leadership Cohort will develop in students an understanding of power and privilege. Students will engage with the concept of social justice and learn how to give back to their community in a meaningful way. 



Registration opens September 2016

Community Cohort 1: 

Session Date Time/Location 
Session 1 Monday January 23rd 11am - 1pm/DV 2094C
Session 2 Monday January 30th 11am - 1pm/DV 2094C
Session 3 Monday February 6th 11am - 1pm/DV 2094C
Session 4 Monday February 13th 11am - 1pm/DV 2094C
Session 5 Monday February 27th  11am - 1pm/DV 2094C
Session 6  Monday March 6th 11am - 1pm/DV 2094C







Community Cohort 2: 

Session Date Time/Location 
Session 1 Thursday February 9th 5pm - 7pm/IB 377 
Session 2 Thursday February 16th 5pm - 7pm/IB 377
Session 3 Thursday March 2nd 5pm - 7pm/IB 377 
Session 4 Thursday March 9th 5pm - 7pm/IB 377
Session 5 Thursday March 16th 5pm - 7pm/IB 377 
Session 6  Thursday March 23rd 5pm - 7pm/IB 377

Program Outline

  • Foundations 

    • This session will provide students with an understanding of the utmLEAD community cohort; experience the dynamics of power and privilege; and, understand the concepts of equity and social justice in a local context.

  • Conflict, Culture and Inclusion 

    • This session will encourage students to consider the importance of conflict at a local scale; culture and diversity; and, exclusion and inclusion manifest.

  • The Web, The Glove, and Your Impact

    • This session will expose students to the multiple advantages of our web community and how to use it, along with how to create a beneficial global impact through action.

  • Impacting Your Community

    • This session will allow students to discover ways to understand the community and use that understanding to impact the community.

  • Active Engagement at UTM

    • This session will recognize involvement outside of the classroom; opportunities at UTM; and, service-learning.

  • Believe and Achieve

    • This session will provide students with the resources to reflect upon their experience in utmLEAD and develop an action plan to get involved in the multiple opportunities available on campus.

CCR Competencies

  • Leadership
  • Community and civic engagement 
  • Global perspective and engagement 
  • Collaboration
  • Social intelligence
  • Communication