STEM Day + St Rose of Lima Catholic Elementary School

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On March 21st, St. Rose of Lima's grade 5 to 8 students (approx. 55 students) will be involved in grade specific curriculum carousel activities focusing on:

S - science (biology focus of body systems and cells)

T - technology (media software such as Photoshop,etc.)

E - engineering (structure and stability activities)

M - mathematics (logic based riddle/puzzles)

The Project 

Created by a team of Alternative Reading Week volunteers, STEM Day @ UTM will take place on Wednesday March 21st from 9:00am-2:00pm. Volunteers will be running stations and logistics for the day, providing the 55 students a chance to engage in interactive activities throughout the day! 

Where: Spigel Hall (Down the hall from the Bookstore) 

Please arrive by 9:00am to help with set-up! 


Science: Digestive System and Cells (5 volunteers needed)

Technology: Magazine Covers and Logo Design (4 volunteers needed) 

Engineering: Catapults, Domes, and Buildings (6 volunteers needed)

Math: Riddles (6 volunteers needed) 

Logistics and Ice Breakers (4 volunteers needed) 

Sign Up by Friday March 16th at 12:00pm

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