The 2nd Raptors 905 + Let's Get Together Event

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Let's Get Together is a charitable organization that creates opportunities for parents, youth and communities to access learning resources that provides education assistance and supports students' well-being. Their mission is to empower parents to become more engaged in their children's education and inspire youth in their learning while making it more equitable, accessible and enjoyable. 

The Project

  • In partnership with Raptors 905 and Let's Get Together we are looking for 18 UTM volunteers to help with the "Growth Mindset- A Key to your Child's Success" 

Tuesday March 10th from 12:00-6:30pm

(this includes travel to the event and the opportunity to watch the Raptors 905 game for a small fee) 

  • Duties will include: helping with set up, registration, supervising children activities, promote networking among parents and learning resources, and take down.

  • If interested, volunteers are welcome to purchase a ticket for $18 to watch the game at 2:00pm however this is not included or expected within this volunteer opportunity.

  • Participation will be CCR recognized! Transportation from UTM and light snacks will be provided 

Registration is Closed 

Any questions, please contact: